On May 30, Alexander Archipenko (1887- 1964) was born.  American-Ukrainian artist, who broke with art tradition and revolutionized modern sculpture. Archipenko was a member of the Cubists circle and he was recognized by his peers. This is what Juan Gris told about the artist’s sculptures: “Archipenko challenged the traditional understanding of sculpture. It was generally monochromatic at the time. His pieces were painted in bright colors. Instead of accepted materials such as marble, bronze or plaster, he used mundane materials such as wood, glass, metal, and wire. His creative process did not involve carving or modeling in the accepted tradition but nailing, pasting and tying together, with no attempt to hide nails, junctures or seams. His process parallels the visual experience of cubist painting.”

Archipenko top auction result was in November, 2015 at Christie’s New York for his bronze sculpture Woman Combing her Hair, 1915 with a hammer price $ 1,7 million.