“Younger, digitally minded collectors are predictably more receptive to online purchases, albeit at relatively low price levels. By contrast, more experienced collectors, conscious of possible condition and provenance issues, remain wary — and it is their spending that makes the art world go around.”

“Tiqui Atencio, a Venezuelan collector based in Monaco who began buying art in the 1980s, is another seasoned participant who has not bought art from digital platforms. She said she appreciated them as an information source. “I told myself I’m never going to buy anything online, but I’m getting used to it,” she said. “I’m happy to discover emerging artists. I’m looking and thinking about it.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/08/arts/design/buying-art-online.html

Visitors to the 2019 Art Basel fair. The 2020 edition has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.